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Achilles Studio, operated by Achilles Physiotherapy Centre, aims to provide a fun and trusted environment for both children and adults. Our founder, May KT Cheung, a highly experienced physiotherapist, strongly believes that exercising, movement and dance needs to be built upon the foundation of correct postures and motions to enhance our physical health. With this strong foundation, patrons at Achilles Studio can better enjoy learning and exploring their own creativity and artistry through the variety of activities offered. These explorations lead to a stronger body and mind, a more exuberant life.
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“When one sings and dances one feels no boundaries; Pure joy and happiness arise from the depth of one’s soul.”
Dance is an integral part of life itself – an universal language, a natural expression of feelings that one may not even be able to put into words.
With the growing interest in belly dancing worldwide over the past decade, we have observed a widening cultural gap between the local “belly dance” scene and the traditional Raks Sharqi (Egyptian Oriental Dance).
We sincerely hope that by creating opportunities to showcase the genuinely high level artistry of this beautiful culture from a folkloric perspective, and by introducing the origins of “Oriental (Belly) dance”, we could bring the focus of the general public back to a traditional cultural art form that started in the cradle of all humanity thousands of years ago.
World peace stems from mutual understanding and respect. Throughout history, it has always been successfully achieved through arts and cultural exchange. We pledge to contribute to peace by creating a platform for cultural exchange through music and dance in its truest original form.
“Belly Dance” is not:
  • Entertainment by skimpily dressed women
  • Only performed by women
  • A dance which involves wiggling your behind and showing your belly
What is Belly Dance?
  • It is a very old expressive dance form consisting of many different dance styles
  • The dance consists of movements which interpret the melodies in the music
  • It springs from the soul and unites its participants with a common bond
To understand the origins of the fluid, percussive movements and shimmies and appreciate this powerful dance with its rich layers of meaning, come watch the shows and join our workshops.