6th Hong Kong International Egyptian Dance Festival (Halawet Raqsena) 2023

6th Hong Kong International Egyptian Dance Festival (Halawet Raqsena) 2023

A Week Long Festival of Egyptian Dance and Culture

We’re back for the 6th annual Hong Kong International Egyptian Dance Festival! Join us for this rare opportunity to learn from the masters. We are flying in performers and musicians direct from Egypt for a week of dance workshops, a dance competition and culminating in our annual Gala Charity Event!

If you love to dance and want to learn new cultural forms, then sign up for our Master Workshops on Dec 16 and 17. Spaces are limited and they will be taught by Masters from the National Folklore Dance (Kaumeya) Troupe of Egypt.

For more information and to sign up, see

HKIEDF Workshops 2023

If you are a dancer and want to show your moves, there will be a Competition held on Dec 18 at the Xiqu Centre in the West Kowloon Cultural District. Perform with a live Egyptian band, compete for cash prizes and a chance to perform at the gala show. Open to dancers and dance groups of all ages, apply below.

HKIEDF Dance Competition 2023

Lastly our legendary annual Gala event will be held at the City Theatre on Dec 19th. Reserve your seat and prepare to watch a dance performance rarely seen outside of Egypt. Read more on our events page or reserve your seat now on Urbtix:

Details on Halawet Raqsena 2023



如果您熱愛舞蹈並想學習新的文化形式,請報名參加 12 月 16 日至 17 日的大師研習班。名額有限,將由埃及國家民俗舞蹈團 (Kaumeya) 的大師授課。


香港國際教育發展基金會工作坊 2023



最後,我們傳奇的年度盛典將於 12 月 19 日在城市劇院舉行。預訂座位並準備觀看在埃及以外很少見的舞蹈表演。請在我們的活動頁面上了解更多信息,或立即在 Urbtix 或 Art-mate 上預訂座位:

Urbtix outlets (www.urbtix.hk)

Halawet Raqsena 2023 詳情


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Lubna Emam

  • July 21 @ 15:00
    1500 - 1630 1h 30'
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Lubna Emam is undoubtedly an icon in the world of Egyptian Dance -- a legendary dancer, choreographer, teacher, mentor, who helped shaped and fostered the development of this art for over five decades. Her unmatched Egyptian dance style earned her the name “Queen of Balady”.

Lubna was recruited into the National Folkloric Dance Troupe of Egypt (Kaumeya) at the tender age of nine. A truly charismatic Egyptian superstar, she was one of the pioneers in bringing Egyptian Dance to the rest of the world. She had her own troupe which toured around the world with Bellydance celebrity artist Nagwa Foaud. Lubna was not only the personal choreographer for Nagwa, but also worked with and mentored many well known performers.

To this day, Lubna’s choreography is sought-after by many international superstar oriental dancers. Furthermore, she also produces her own music! She continues to be a master teacher with a strong following of students from around the world. Her teaching focuses not only on technique and skill, but also on the appropriate interpretation and expression of the Egyptian culture. With Lubna’s busy travel schedule, it is an extraordinary treat to be able to watch her perform on stage and to participate in her workshops!

May KT Founder & Director, Teacher

  • July 21 @ 15:00
    1500 - 1630 1h 30'
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After studying Middle Eastern dance for nearly 20 years both locally and overseas, May has discovered the beauty of its culture through dance and music. As a professional physiotherapist as well as a dance teacher, May was captivated by the intrigued movements of this dance form which is very enjoyable both to the dancers and to the audience; as well as a very healthy form of exercise to anyone. <br><br> Over the years, she has noticed the lack of knowledge of her rich culture and history in Hong Kong. With the growing interests in this dance form all over the world in the past decades, there is also an increasing cultural gap between the local “belly dance” scene and the traditional Raks Sharqi (Egyptian Oriental Dance), leading to misinterpretation of the dance and music causing wrong impressions on the Middle Eastern countries and their people. May sincerely hopes that by creating opportunities to showcase the genuinely high level artistry of this beautiful culture from a folkloric point of view, introducing the originality of Oriental dance, mutual respect will be generated between the people from both sides of the world. And at the same time, bringing the focus of the general public back to a traditional cultural art form that started in the cradle of all humanity some 7000 years ago. World peace starts from mutual understanding and respect. Throughout history, it has always been successfully done through arts and cultural exchange.

Osama Emam

  • July 21 @ 15:00
    1500 - 1630 1h 30'
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"Osama Emam, fromly General Director of the National Folkloric Dance (Kaumeya )Troupe of Egypt until 2021, now currently serving as Honary Advisor and Choreographer of the National dance Troupe, is undeniably the world leader in today’s Egyptian dance community.

Osama entered the Egyptian National (Kaumeya) Troupe Dance Academy at a very young age in 9. After 3 years of hard work, he was recruited into the National Folkloric Dance Troupe of Egypt (Kaumeya), and began his illustrious dance career.

Years later, Osama took a leap and left his place of origin, to broaden his horizons. For 5 years, he joined his mentors in overseas performances in London, Switzerland and many more places in Europe. After that, he returned home to the Kaumeya National Troupe. He had then also formed his own dance troupe, and had choreographed songs and dance routines for many films.

Osama has led the Kaumeya National Troupe in cultural exchanges around the world. Apart from being an outstanding dancer and an inspiring teacher, he places great emphasis on the expression of the cultural origins of the different music and folk dances. He currently performs, teaches and judges both domestically and internationally, and fervently promotes Egyptian dance culture."

Raed AbdElghany

  • July 21 @ 15:00
    1500 - 1630 1h 30'
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A native of Cairo, Raed AbdElghany discovered his passion for dance at the age of seventeen. He was trained in classical ballet and folkloric dance and graduated from the Egyptian National Troupe Dance Academy, and was an ex-principal dancer of the Kaumeya Troupe. Raed has many accomplishments in his dance career of over 20 years. He joined the Kaumeya Troupe in 1997, became a soloist master of el-Tanoura (spinning dance with a weighted skirt) in 2000, founded his own Ya Nawaem Troupe, and started teaching folkloric and oriental dance in 2010. He also received the distinguished appointment as Artistic Director of the International.
Festival of Oriental Dances (“Bab Al Noujoum”) held annually in France. Today, Raed is considered one of the great masters of el-Tanoura, and is a highly sought after Egyptian folkloric choreographer.