【Egyptian Folkloric (Belly Dance) and Oriental dance competition 2021 】


Want to show your talent in Egyptian Folkloric (Belly Dance) and Oriental dance? Here’s the chance!
This November, Dance Nefertiti is proud to present its annual international competition for Egyptian and MiddleEastern dance lovers. We are honoured to invite the Master Egyptian teachers as panel of judges. The winner of the competition will perform in the gala show on 17th November at the Hong Kong City Hall, and many more fabulous prizes will be presented to the winners.
目的是弘揚埃及民俗和東方舞蹈文化,為年輕的舞者和專業舞者提供經驗分享的平 台,以舞蹈作為溝通的橋樑,讓彼此切磋武藝,互相交流。各組別的勝出者將獲邀於 2021 年 11 月 17 日在香港大會堂劇院舉行的匯演中演出。

Deadline of Video Submission 影片提交截⽌⽇期:

30 September 2021


Enrolment in 2 Steps 報名⼆部曲:

  1. Registration 報名登記 : Fill in the form below 填寫以下報名表格 / info@maxwelldancing.com / WhatsApp +852 9137 5928 (https://wa.me/85291375928)
  2. Settle the payment  繳交報名費


  • Oriental Dance (Solo 個人/Group 小組)
  • Folkloric Dance (Solo 個人/Group 小組)
  • Children’s 小童 Folkloric Dance (age under 15) (Solo 個人/Group 小組)



Lubna Emam, Osama Emam, Nasra Emam and Ahmed Rafaat


Schedule of events:

Video Submission Deadline


30 September 2021
First Round Result


Early October
Final Round (Compete via Zoom)

最後一輪(Zoom 形式)

Mid October


  • First round result will be announced early October, all contestants will have results with comments from the judges.
  • Top 5 contestants of each category will compete via Zoom in front of the judges in Mid October.
  • Winner of each category will be invited to perform in the gala show on 17th November 2021 at the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre.


  • 第一輪結果將於 10 月初公佈,所有參賽者將會獲得評委的評論。
  • 每個組別的前 5 名參賽者將會在 10 月中旬以 Zoom 形式比賽。
  • 各組別的勝出者將獲邀於 2021 年 11 月 17 日在香港大會堂劇院演出「The Halawet Raqsena Live, The Dance of Joy 眾樂之舞 2021」。

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    【Halawet Raqsena Live 2021 – The Dance of Joy 眾樂之舞 】

    Our annual international festival will be back this November – The Halawet Raqsena Live, The Dance of Joy 眾樂之舞2021
    We will again showcase the rich Egyptian Culture through dance. We are honoured to have four Egyptian masters and other international dancers to perform in the gala as well as teaching in workshops. Whether you are new to the world of ‘Bellydance’ and Egyptian Folkloric dance (Belly Dance) or already one of us, you will surely enjoy every part of the festival
    國際埃及民族舞一年一度的盛事將於今年11月舉行為期一星期 #眾樂之舞 2021。屆時將會有埃及大師級舞蹈家,國際舞蹈員以及比賽勝出者為大家帶來一系列精彩表演。大師級舞蹈家們仲會喺工作坊同埋講座中教授舞蹈技巧。無論係埃及民族舞嘅愛好者,或者從未接觸過埃及舞蹈或東方舞(肚皮)舞嘅朋友,都一定可以樂在其中!
    🔥Don’t forget to register workshops during the early bird discount period from now till 1st September!!!
    🔥由即日起至9月1日仲有 #早鳥優惠 ,有興趣參與工作坊和講座嘅朋友仔切勿錯過!!!
    [More details/活動詳情👇🏻]
    • Festival Date/日期:15th to 21st November 2021/11月15日至11月21日 (15/11:Festival Opening and final round competition開幕節目及埃及舞比賽決賽;17/11:Gala show舞蹈匯演;18-21/11:Dance workshops and seminars跳舞工作坊及講座)
    • Gala Show on 17th November – 11月17日舞蹈匯演
    • Location/地點:Hong Kong City Hall Theatre香港大會堂劇院
    • Ticket prices/票價:$600 / $480 / $350#
    Enquiry/查詢:info@maxwelldancing.com / +852 9137 5928 (https://wa.me/85291375928)
    *適合6歲及以上兒童 Suitable for children aged 6 or above
    #只適用於17歲或以下全日制學生 Full time students aged 17 and under
    主辦方保留更改是次活動舞蹈員及項目之權利 Organizer reserves the right to change the artists and program of the festival

      Enquires: Please contact Dance Nefertiti at info@maxwelldancing.com or WhatsApp: (852) 9137 5928