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Hong Kong Online Dance Workshops Season 2
Lubna Emam
Lubna Emam is undoubtedly an icon in the world of Egyptian Dance — a legendary dancer, choreographer, teacher, mentor, who helped shaped and fostered the development of this art for over five decades. Her unmatched Egyptian dance style earned her the name “Queen of Balady”.
Lubna was recruited into the National Folkloric Dance Troupe of Egypt
(Kaumeya) at the tender age of nine. A truly charismatic Egyptian superstar, she was one of the pioneers in bringing Egyptian Dance to the rest of the world. She had her own troupe which toured around the world with Bellydance celebrity artist Nagwa Foaud. Lubna was not only the personal choreographer for Nagwa, but also worked with and mentored many well-known performers.
To this day, Lubna’s choreography is sought-after by many international superstar oriental dancers. Furthermore, she also produces her own music! She continues to be a master teacher with a strong following of students from around the world. Her teaching focuses not only on technique and skill, but also on the appropriate interpretation and expression of the Egyptian culture.
With Lubna’s busy travel schedule, it is an extraordinary treat to be able to watch her perform on stage and to participate in her workshops!
Osama Emam
General Director, National Folkloric Dance Troupe of Egypt (Kaumeya)


Osama Emam is currently serving as the General Director and Troupe Leader of the Egyptian National Dance Troupe – the Kaumeya Troupe. He is truly a leading master in the world of Egyptian folk dance. His dance career has never left the National troupe – the place of inspiration for his dance.
In 1973, Osama, who was then just a young boy, entered the Egyptian National Troupe Dance Academy. After 3 years of hard work, he was recruited to the Egyptian National Dance Troupe and began his illustrious dance career.
Years later, Osama left his place of origin, with the aim to deepen his experience and widen his horizon. During that 5-year period, Osama joined his mentors performing in London, Switzerland and many places in Europe. The experience opened his eyes and provided new opportunities. By the time he returned home to the Kaumeya Troupe, he had already formed his own dance troupe, and had choreographed song and dance routines for many films.
As the leader of the Kaumeya Troupe, Osama acts as the representative of Egypt to bring its dance culture to the eyes of the world. On top of that, he is also an outstanding dancer and extremely creative teacher. He places great importance on expressing the cultural origins of the music and dance. He currently performs, teaches and judges both domestically and internationally, and fervently promotes the Egyptian dance culture.
Terms and conditions:
– Fee inclusive of workshop music and learning video.
– Strictly no videography, photography or any type of recording during the workshops.
– Workshops are open to participants at all levels of experiences, but limited to those currently residing in Hong Kong.
– Participants must not share the Zoom log-in details with any third party.
– We welcome the use of workshop choreography for performances and competitions, provided that the choreographer is being acknowledged during these events.
– The use of workshop choreography for teaching is strictly prohibited .